Educap, Inc. (“Educap”) is student loan lender specializing in the issuance of private student loans. Because it is a private entity, the lawsuit is the method by which Educap usually chooses to pursue those who are unable to meet their minimum payment requirements. In recent times, Educap has filed a wave of lawsuits in Texas seeking to recover student loan funds. Like most states, Texas been hit hard by the slow economy, and many student loan borrowers have fallen behind on their obligations.

If sued by Educap in Texas, it is important to act fast. You must address the lawsuit in a formal and precise manner or you risk losing the case automatically (i.e. by “default”). An appearance must be made in the case, most often within about 10 to 20 days from the date that service of process of the lawsuit performed. Appearances are usually made by filing the appropriate legal pleadings with the court, but this must be done in a timely and appropriate fashion.

Student loan lawsuits are very common. As seen from the Results section of our website, our firm has experience defending Educap lawsuits in Texas. If Educap has sued you, please do not waste time – contact our office now for a free consultation. If you hire our firm to defend you, we can appear in court on your behalf so that you may go about life as usual.