Sallie Mae, Inc. (“SLM”) is one of the largest student loan underwriters in the world. SLM’s loan portfolio is a conglomerate of both public and private student loan debt, and its reach is vast and extensive. Sallie Mae files lawsuits in Texas under a variety of subsidiary names that it controls, including the various “SLM Private Credit Loan Trust” entities and the “Rendezvous Funding” entities. SLM’s collection techniques are aggressive. SLM has been known to both sue and garnish debtors’ wages at the same time.

Sallie Mae lawsuits in Texas must be addressed quickly. If you have received a lawsuit from this creditor, it is important to pay attention to the deadlines referenced on the lawsuit citation. A precise legal response to the lawsuit will be required in order to avoid the issuance of a “default judgment” against the debtor. The due date of this response depends on the identity of the court in which the case was filed. In Texas, the majority of SLM’s cases are filed in justice courts, county courts, or judicial district courts. Lawsuit responses are typically due in court within about 10 to 20 days after the lawsuit was served, depending on which court has the case.

Our firm has defended Sallie Mae lawsuits. We have seen Sallie Mae try to sue our client and then try to administratively garnish our client’s wages at the same time (the lawsuit was dismissed). Do not hesitate to call our office for a free consultation if SLM has sued you. We offer free consultations and flat fees and we are here to help.