In the last year, the Travis County Courts have seen a clear and distinct rise in the filing of Austin student loan lawsuits. We are a Texas consumer debt collection defense law firm and we have handled many cases in Travis and surrounding counties. The rough economic patch that the country is currently experiencing has caused a record number of defaults in student loans. As a result, many student loan creditors have turned to filing civil lawsuits as method to try to recover the balance of the loan, interest, late fees, and attorney’s fees.

Austin is the home of multiple Travis County Courts. If you have been sued for student loan debt, the odds are that you were sued in a justice court, a district court, or a county court at law. If you have already been served with the lawsuit, you must file an “answer” to the lawsuit by the Monday following the passing of a certain period of time, usually 20 or 10 days, depending on which court the lawsuit was filed in.

Our law firm is very active in the Austin area. We are proud to have handled a large number of cases in Austin and in Travis and surrounding counties and cities. We also offer a free consultation. You may call us or send us a message via our website to arrange for your free consultation, which we can conduct over the telephone.