Our law firm defends Dallas County and surrounding county student loan lawsuits on a weekly basis. If sued for a student loan debt in Dallas, it is important to contact a law office immediately to seek assistance and guidance. We focus on consumer debt collection cases in Texas and have successfully defended thousands of people in your position. You may contact us for a free consultation at any time either by telephone or through this website.

Dallas County has multiple courts within which these cases are filed. It is probable that if you have been sued, your case was filed in a justice of the peace court, a county court at law, or a judicial district court. We are familiar with these courts and we have handled many cases in each one. It is important to address the lawsuit as soon as possible. If you have read the civil summons or citation that you received carefully, you have probably seen that you must make an appearance in front of the court within either 10 or 20 days, approximately. We can make this appearance on your behalf and keep you out of court, but only if you call now.

We have had considerable success in resolving these cases for our clients. We will do our best to explore your defenses to determine if there is a weakness in the debt collector Plaintiff’s case that we can exploit to try to get the case dismissed. If no such defense is available, we will work towards resolving the case on amicable terms that you are happy with.