Student loan lawsuits have seen an escalation in activity in Fort Worth, Texas. For private student loan issuers, the lawsuit is the collection technique of choice. A harsh economic environment in recent years has given way to soft labor and job markets. In return, student loan borrowers have felt the crunch, with many unable to meet the burden of paying back their debts on time.

Tarrant County student loan lawsuits are usually filed in one of three courts: 1) the judicial district court; 2) the county court at law; or 3) the justice of the peace court. If served with one of these lawsuits, the Defendant only has a short period of time to make an appearance in the case in order to avoid a judgment by default. An “answer” to the lawsuit must be timely filed. The answer will contain a “general denial,” and must contain any specific additional defenses that the alleged debtor wishes to pursue in the case.

We have defended a very large number of student loan lawsuits in Fort Worth and surrounding cities and counties. Please call our law firm immediately if you have been named as a Defendant in a student loan case. We will evaluate your case for free and provide you with a flat fee quote.