Houston student loan lawsuits are filed in Harris County on a daily basis. Student loan defaults are on the rise because of our fragile economy, and student loan lenders have turned to civil lawsuits as a way to try to collect the unpaid debt. Our law firm defends cases in Houston and surrounding cities and counties. We have handled hundreds of cases in this part of Texas and thousands more statewide.

These lawsuits are generally filed in one of three different courts: the justice of the peace courts, the county courts at law, or the judicial district courts. You may know from reading the citation or summons in your case that if you have been served with the lawsuit already, you are now required to make a formal appearance in the lawsuit. If you contact us and retain our firm to defend the case, we can make this appearance on your behalf. One of our goals will be to keep you out of court at all costs.

Our firm is very familiar with the debt collection law firms in Texas that file these cases. If we are unable to get your case dismissed due to a technicality or other weakness, we will do our best to negotiate a student loan settlement that you will be satisfied with, but you must contact us now.