San Antonio is located in Bexar County. Student loan lawsuits are routinely filed here in an effort to collect defaulted student loan debt. Unfortunately, our country’s most recent economic crisis has shocked the job and labor markets. As a result, a record number of people have been forced to stop paying their student loans because they simply cannot afford them. When this happens, some student loan lenders decide to file lawsuits to try to collect the unpaid balance.

In San Antonio, it is likely that this type of lawsuit will be filed in a Bexar County District Court, county court, or justice of the peace court. Once served with the lawsuit and citation, the Defendant only has a limited amount of time to formerly contest the case by way of filing an answer in the court. When we are retained to defend a student loan lawsuit, we handle all of this for the client. We compute the response due date and make any necessary court appearances on our client’s behalf. We aim to make sure than our clients never have to go to court.

We have defended many San Antonio student loan lawsuits in Bexar County. We have also handled lots of cases in surrounding cities and counties. We offer a free consultation and it is not necessary to visit our office to receive a fee quote, simply call us or contact us through this website and we will get back to you as soon as we can.