We think that everybody in Texas who gets sued for defaulted student loan debt should be able to afford to hire a competent Texas student loan defense attorney. Accordingly, we always charge flat fees to defend these cases and not by the hour. The flat fee is all inclusive and covers everything from the beginning of the lawsuit to lawsuit conclusion.

We understand that if you are being sued for student loan debt, you are probably not in the best shape financially. Because of this we will usually allow our clients to pay our fee over time at $250.00 per month. We attempt to be as easy to work with as possible when it comes to paying our fees and we will work with you to try to arrange a fee structure that you can live with.

While all of the cases that we handle are subject to a final fee quote, here is the average fee that we charge per case:

Amount of Debt Sued For

Less than $5,000.00

$5,001.00 – $10,000.00

$10,001.00 – $15,000.00

$15,001.00 – $25,000.00

More than $25,000.00

Our Fee





$2,500.00 and more depending on the amount in controversy and circumstances of the case.

Please note that the fee does not cover post-judgment proceedings or other litigation. If you have questions about our fee structure or payment plans, please feel free to contact us.